Drawer Slides; An Essential Part Of The Offices

To keep the important documents one’s may need the safe it could be locker as well but what about if someone has not owning the locker and for them the drawer is an option. In this entire piece of editorial I would like to give you brief idea how we can create the best locker if we have a little bit space.

Before adding something else you need to understand that it is completely based on the slides which you are supposed to use either for the internal or the external part. Taking too many factors in considerations always make the drawer very hard to break and somehow it will be the best if implementation is done in the right direction.

In the industrial installation there have been too many slides in the market for so long but there are mainly used 5 types of the drawer slides. At this point, I would like to categorically speak about each one of them including features as well. If you want to get more details about drawer slides, you may check out chambrelan.com.

  • Bottom mount; mostly you may see this kind of drawer is commonly used in the kitchen drawer basically in the modern kitchen. They are locked with two layer of security. If we talk about the feature then we will able to find that they are very easy to install and having the outstanding capacity of taking heavy load.
  • Side mount; mostly known as the essential part of the bathroom and modernized kitchen where this kind of drawer is being used with the various purpose. As by name it’s clear and it takes two side of installation place and holding more place rather than the usual one. But nowadays in office this is also used with the proper defined purpose.
  • Ball bearings; if someone has been looking for the newly advanced drawer slide with the new look then recommending this one is the best idea just because of its aesthetics looks. In many well organized offices this kind of drawer has completely replaced the customary drawer belongs to the old traditions.