Making A Kaftan Look Good On You

Many men and women find it comfortable to wear a pair of jeans and T-shirt. However, many ladies are also more into putting on dresses for their daily attire. And while wearing of  short dress is common these days, many women prefer modest apparels such as long skirts, maxi dresses and traditional clothing like Kaftan.

The Kaftan is a tunic or robe that is common among the Middle Eastern locals. The Persians, Russians, Jews and even some Southeast Asians have their own versions of the clothing. Regardless, kaftan has become among the preferred attires all over the globe, especially during formal and special occasions as historically, this is considered a sign of royalty.

While some Kaftans are donned for daily wear, it would not be surprising to see Kaftan in the red carpet or balls. Occasion Kaftans are detailed with intricate embellishments that will look good on any woman. They are made with beautiful fabrics too.

Whether it is for a special occasion or for a normal day, you have to make sure that you are wearing the right Kaftan.

  • The materials which the Kaftan is made of are right for the current season and weather conditions. Go for lighter fabrics such as silk, cotton and polyester on warm days. Choose the thicker materials like cashmere and wool on chilly weather.
  • A Kaftan’s look, regardless of the color and fabric design, is already regal because of its cut. Make sure that what you are wearing is appropriate for the occasion, not underdressed or over the top.
  • The size and length of the Kaftan should be just right so that it would look flattering on you.

Looking great does not mean you have to show a lot of skin. Wearing a beautiful Kaftan is a proof of that.