As a newbie in whetstone sharpening, we often rely on YouTube tutorials on how to sharpen our knives. However, there are times that we don’t realize that we are not doing it right. In this article, we are going to address this dilemma.

Down below are the quick step by step on whetstone sharpening.How to Sharpen your Knife properly: The Right Way of Whetstone Sharpening

  • You need to submerge the whetstone in the water. When you submerge the whetstone until you don’t see any bubbles when it is submerged.
  • While waiting for the whetstone, make sure that you prepare the knives that need to be sharpened. Get the whetstone sharpening from the water.
  • With your dominant hand, hold the knife properly and angle it to 45 degrees on top of the whetstone.
  • At the same angle, move the blade to and fro on top of the whetstone.
  • Once you have finished sharpening, check the back of the blade from any metal residues.
  • Repeat steps 4,5 and 6 but on the other side of the knife. You need to check if there are any burrs or metal residue emitted.
  • To remove the burrs on the back of the knife, face the knife away from your face and sharpen it at a 15-degree angle. You need to repeat the same process on the other side of the knife as well.
  • Get a finer whetstone and sharpen the edge of the knife. Once you are done with one side, repeat them on the other side.

Bonus: The Whetstone Maintenance:

  • After using the whetstone, make sure to air dry it properly. That way, your whetstone will not deteriorate.
  • For finer whetstones, avoid submerging them into the water. You can sprinkle them with water instead.

Now that you have the steps on whetstone sharpening, make sure that you do follow them properly. That way, you can keep your knives and whetstones from deteriorating.