A urine drug screen orĀ urine drug testĀ can be used to determine whether the person has been using any illegal substance or misusing any prescribed medications. Therefore, doctors and technicians will need a sample of urine to check whether the person has consumed the drug over the past few days, weeks, and even after the drug’s influence has ended. Once the doctor has got the results, they can start your treatment program and lead you to live a sober life. However, there are two types of urine drug tests that one has to go through. So, without further ado, let us discuss the procedure of urine drug testing. Learn more about urine drug test kits visit on confirmbiosciences.com.

Steps That Are Followed In Urine Drug Tests

You will take the urine drug test in a washroom specially prepared for drug abuse testing. The following steps are followed in the test procedure.

  • You will get a specimen cup from the doctor or the technician who is administering the drug test.
  • You must leave all your belongings, including a briefcase, purse, and other items, in another room during the test, and you will also have to empty your pockets.
  • In few cases, a same-gendered technician or nurse will assist you in the bathroom to ensure you follow the procedure correctly. Moreover, they will also explain the reason behind this supervised testing.
  • The technician or the nurse will provide you with a moist cloth that you need to use to clean your genital area.
  • You will need to urinate into the cup, and you have to procedure around 45 milliliters of urine for the sample.
  • When you are done urinating, close the cup with a lid and bring it to the doctor.
  • The urine sample temperature will be measured to check whether it is in the expected range or not.