Scopex tablets or Injectable liquid actively contain hyoscyamine, which is primarily meant to reduce painful ulcers, abdominal cramp pain, or digestive system pains. Also, if a person has a kidney stone, which causes pain, this drug would help deal with the pain until the stone is removed. But this drug also has specific side effects that cannot be ignored.

Side Effects Of Taking ScopexTablets Or Injection

  • It could lead to decreased milk production in women who breastfeed their babies.
  • Moreover, some people claimed that it caused them swallowing problems.
  • Eyeball pressure also increases in some cases as a side effect of the drug.
  • Increased heart rate, nervousness, heartburn or skin allergies are also side effects.

Menstruation Cramp Relief Pharmaceuticals And Their Impacts 

Drugs like these help females who have extra painful menstrual cramps as this can loosen up the contracted bowel muscles. But one should avoid taking supplements just for the sake of less pain, as this alteration to the biological process is not a healthy act. If you want to get more details about scopex drug, you may visit on

Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Hyoscyamine – The Relation 

IBS is another medical condition that can be treated with hyoscyamine drugs. In this medical condition, abdominal cramping or change of bowel habits are common. Bloating, gas and diarrhoea are some more common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. So, one can say that scopex is helpful in versatile medical conditions.

Parkinson’s Disease Can Also Be Controlled

This popular body movement disorder disease is caused by deficiency of specific brain nerve cells, which could lead to unnecessary movement of particular body parts like hand, legs etc. Scopex can be given to such patients who show early symptoms of the disease so that it can be controlled in time. Doctors can decide the dose as per the severity of the medical situation.